CAA Personal Accident Insurance
CAA Personal Accident Insurance

You can't predict when accidents will happen, but you can prepare for them

Accidents are a leading cause of death among Canadians. Only cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory diseases are responsible for more deaths. Help your family cope with the financial strain an accident could cause with CAA's Personal Accident Insurance.*

Family plans start at about $25 a year, and are available by contacting a CAA Niagara branch.

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Cover Your Expenses

Accident insurance can help pay for major expenses that life insurance may not cover and can assist you with immediate or long-term expenses, such as refitting your home or car, paying off financial obligations, living expenses and private home care.

Replace Lost Income

You may already have disability insurance, but it replaces no more than 70% of your pre-disability income. So, if you suffer dismemberment, paraplegia or loss of sight, speech or hearing in a critical accident, PAI can help replace lost income and pay for expenses not covered by existing plans.

Gain Global Benefits

Certain credit card and employer group plans provide PAI coverage. However, they usually provide only a nominal benefit limit and may not cover all accidents or protect you worldwide. By investing in CAA Personal Accident Insurance, you'll be better protected against accidents at home and abroad.

Affordable Annual Premiums

CAA offers competitive rates for personal accident coverage. Coverage starts at $25,000 for as little as $19.44 per year.

Coverage Single Premium Family Premium
$25,000 $19.44 $25.92
$50,000 $33.48 $47.52
$100,000 $61.56 $85.32

CAA Advantage

With CAA Personal Accident Insurance, your premium does not increase with age and there are no medical questionnaires and examinations required. Accidents insured include those involving farm vehicles, mobile homes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, pleasure-type trucks and watercraft. CAA offers PAI plans for singles and families with coverage amounts that fit your needs. Finally, our no "Other Insurance" clause means Members receive 100% of benefits even when they hold a similar policy from a different insurer.